The Refinery

Gather round Smokeheads, we’re opening our refinery doors. Inside you’ll find stories of our collaborations with some of the most talented and independently minded craftsmen and women around.


Chapter One

Tyler Lunceford – The Smoker

This right here is history in the making. We’ve hitched a ride with Tyler Lunceford as he builds us ‘The Smoker’ – a one of a kind, customized Ducati inspired by vintage racing motorcycles.

Tyler was born and raised in the States. Christened as ‘The Ducati Whisperer of the tri-state area’ by press in New York, he’s built bikes for obsessive bikers, rock stars and now us. Soon the whisky world will know what happens when a single malt hits the open road in pursuit of unrestricted flavor.

Keep an eye on our Refinery to follow Tyler’s journey creating the most out there bike he’s ever built.



The Smoker Collaboration - Episode II - Hunting A Beast

Tyler's been busy sourcing parts from all over the world and we've been messing about with camera angles. Take a look.



The Smoker collaboration - Episode III - No Smoker without fire

Join us as we start joining. Get your fix of us fixing. The Smoker is taking shape and sparks are flying. Episode III is here.